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Magic Star of Dramatic Writing

Screenwriting Workshops

Online and in-person screenwriting workshops and other types of instruction are offered through this screenwriting resource by its creator and principal author. He is also the creator Story Dynamics and compiled the Magic Star of Dramatic Writing. He is the author of the Scr(i)nk blog. A successful writer himself, he served as administrator for a screenplay contest for several years, reviewing all submitted scripts and helping to advance the careers of entrants.

Free Online Screenwriting Workshop

This entire screenwriting resource is constructed as one big free online screenwriting workshop--self-directed, self-paced (and self-improved). Screenwriting fundamentals are addressed both through the expert classical and contemporary advice compiled in the Magic Star of Dramatic Writing and the original articles/lessons on concept, character, story, action, and dialogue. A way to engineer a successful dramatic story can be found in the discussion of Story Dynamics. The look-and-feel of your script can be enhanced through the word use, readability, and presentability sections. Many of these sections offer related exercises, most of them keyed to films that can be viewed on one's own schedule. Numerous other screenwriting tips are offered through the Scr(i)nk blog. For those interested in working with other reviewers of this material, cooperative participation can be arranged. [FREE]

Developing a Concept for Your Screenplay

A three-week online course on the principal fundamental: a concept for your project. The first week will be dedicated to reviewing the material covered at this resource on concept, working desired lessons and exercises, submitting responses to the instructor for review and comment. The second week involves course- participant instruction on Magic Star of Dramatic Writing expert guidance on concept--the advice of classic and contemporary experts on dramatic writing. Each course participant will select one expert and explain his guidance to the other participants (preferably from the related text). The third week will involve actually developing a concept for your screenplay, with input from other course participants (if desired) and that of the instructor. [$225]

Story Dynamics Workshop

Present in-person the tools, elements, ideals, keys, worksheet, exercises of Story Dynamics--all keyed to a contemporary film (and a few classics all should know). Friday night cinema, Saturday instruction, Sunday 'pages' (optional). ($75--$50 Saturday/$25 Sunday) DATES/LOCATIONS TBD.

Online 'Pages'

A detailed review of completed screenplay pages (usually 3 to 5 maximum) by participants (and instructor). Details to be provided. ($10 per week)

Create Your Own Class

Consider any of the guidance available at this resource and work up a class or workshop you (and your friends or colleagues) would like to attend. Send thoughts/needs/ideas to Starts whenever is most appropriate for you. ($depends on length and involvement)

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  3. arrange payment by preferred method (see PayPal button at left).

Thank you for expressing your interest. Course information will be provided when available/needed.

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