Michael J. Farrand



  1. The Greatest Sin of All
  2. The Bell of Truth
  3. Just Like a Dealer
  4. Especially If It's True
  5. The World's Most Powerful Man
  6. The Worst Thing
  7. His Free Speech Know-How
  8. Criminal Organization
  9. A World That Hates Americans
  10. That Man Who Looks Like a Vulture
  11. Perhaps He's Hitting the Flask
  12. Don't You Just Want to Be Raptured
  13. Where Is Tecumseh When You Need Him?
  14. Thank God We Whipped Communism


  1. You Chose
  2. My Claim to Victimhood
  3. Pull the Plug
  4. The True Spirit of Christmas: Santa Claus Addresses the Troops
  5. Embassy of Sierra Leone


  1. Being Mixed Up Means
  2. The Human Soul
  3. Just for Today
  4. My Whole Life
  5. Politics in Art
  6. You Lose When
  7. Wisdom Is


  1. A man must be bigger than his bald spot
  2. American male, ludicrous creature
  3. Marriage, the institution, serves women
  4. He shops, he dances, and he decorates
  5. My prayer goes out to the Red Sox Fan
  6. If you grabbed the globe and shook it to death
  7. My conversation with the young Marxists
  8. From the right we get Nazi Germany
  9. Devilish charm disguising pagan wild
  10. The true spirit of Saturnalia
  11. The only problem with Evolution

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