Michael J. Farrand


Lounging in cafés, sucking sugar cane
Why should he live off the fat of the land?
Across azure sea, on Emerald Isle
These talents you call mine are God-given
The worst nine words in the English language
'One day I woke to find myself famous'

Choose Life
Mother, I'm speaking to you from your womb
Do they tell you about the suffering
Hallelujah! Thank God she changed her mind
It's been Democrats killing Democrats
There's something wrong with your theory if
Now that you escaped what you are preaching

Second son, middle child, next comes a girl
The pain of the blame no therapies brook
Just how many careers went up in smoke
Though I may rue the day I told the truth
In throes of feverish self-destruction
Just how long can a grown man suck his thumb
What if everything I know is wrong
'With all they getting, get understanding'
A man must be bigger than his bald spot
My prayer goes out to the Red Sox Fan

Secret admirer, a vain man's dream
Whereto your imagination wanders
Early Jealousy enters the picture
In a world driven by paradoxes
When Mr. Whitman speaks of 'manly love'

In your all-out war on Mother Nature
There's one group rebels even more than you
There you go again, blaming all us males
What should we do with our ears and our minds
You correct my English at whose command
You say the male governs your behavior
You say your behavior is run by men
'Twas the man who built the world you live in
What if we tried you like at Nuremberg
American male, ludicrous creature
Marriage, the institution, serves women
He shops, he dances, and he decorates

If you grabbed the globe and shook it to death
My conversation with the young Marxists
From the Right we get Nazi Germany
Devilish charm disguising pagan wild
The true spirit of Saturnalia
The only problem with Evolution
© by Michael J. Farrand

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