Normal Thoughts
Diego Rivera, My Hero
Girl Power!
I'll Use a Word
What Are They About?
That's When I Get the Itch
How Much She Had Played
A Suitable Wench

If It Bites You
A Woman With a Cry in Her Voice
Inside of Every Woman
The Power Behind the Throne
Every Woman Is Queen
Especially If She Has a Man
High Priestesses
At Least She Taught Us Some Greek
Lipstick, Make-up, Curls
American Woman Should Wear the Burka
Female Victimhood
The Goddess of Menstrual Cramps
Like Likes Like

In your all-out war on Mother Nature
There's one group rebels even more than you
There you go again, blaming all us males
What should we do with our ears and our minds
You correct my English at whose command
You say the male governs your behavior
You say your behavior is run by men
'Twas the man who built the world you live in
What if we tried you like at Nuremberg

© Michael J. Farrand
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