Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Got a Story to Tell? MM Wants to Hear It.

MovieMaker at Sundance

As always, MovieMaker is proud to be a part of the premier event for American indies, as we unveil our Winter 2009 edition. If you're in Utah, pick up an advance copy at
Sundance's Headquarters, Filmmaker Lounge, Sundance House, New Frontier on Main, Yarrow or the Volunteer Villa. You can also find us at Tromadance and X-DANCE.

Can't make it to Park City? Let MM bring Park City to you. Beginning Thursday, visit MovieMaker.com daily for the latest film happenings—including an all-new daily video podcast.

Subscribe Today—and Save

In 2009 I will get my movie made. Sound familiar? Well, luckily, our New Year's resolution is to help make sure that happens by offering you a year's worth of exclusive interviews, invaluable how-to articles, and insider industry tips for the lowest price imaginable.

To help you realize your movie-making goals, we're offering you the chance to purchase a year of the world's best-selling independent movie magazine for just $9.95*

Sign up today to start with our Winter 2009 issue, in which we count down the 25 Best Places for Moviemakers to Live (and survive), go inside Steven Soderbergh and Benicio Del Toro's Che, reveal the top deadly sins of screenwriting (and how to fix them), unearth a lost 1985 John Cassavetes interview, watch James Gray bid a fond farewell to Joaquin Phoenix and commend the 10 moviemakers who are saving the world one reel at a time. And that's just one issue.

Think You've Got a Story to Tell? MovieMaker Wants to Hear It!

Tales from the Trenches

You've been there: Your lead got a new tattoo halfway through shooting; your dolly track was run over by the equipment truck; you lost your financing the morning you were to start principal
photography . .

MovieMaker wants to hear your production nightmares—your struggles with cast and crew, your technical pitfalls and (most importantly) the steps you've taken to reign the project back in—for an all-new blog called Tales from the Trenches. Now's your chance to let it all out—publicize your movie, show off your problem-solving skills and help your moviemaking brethren in the process.

So make us laugh, cry or cringe in horror. Submit your story today (no more than 1,000 words) to tales@moviemaker.com. Who knows, you just may be the next featured blogger at MovieMaker.com, reaching out to our more than one million readers!

Coming Attractions

Speaking of publicizing your movie, we're also looking for your help with our new Coming Attractions section. We want to keep our readers up to date on all the hottest upcoming movies—including yours. Send us a few choice photos from the movie you're working on right now
along with all the pertinent info (director, actors, synopsis, completion/release dates, etc.) and you may just see it posted on MovieMaker.com for all the world to see.


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