I've got my own Olympus
  Set it up for you
Just a shack, really
  With a driveway,
            a puddle.
(And a heart that's blue.)

Stocked it with some fish
  But they are not for you
They're for me to watch
    (While you're out fishing true.)

In the truck please leave the gun
  Can't have them around
(More reasons than just one.)

We could call Diana
  She'd be sure to go
She'll help you shoot at fauna
  The lynx, a buck, a doe.
(No warthog.)

We'd speak in French
  And some Russian, too
(They speak Greek up here.)

I'll kiss your shoulder blades
  The rest is up to you
We'll run through the glades
  And kick the morning dew.
(Zeus is watching.)

I won't be one of your
  Google-eyed boys
We'll take the grand tour
  We'll play with all the toys.
(Where's Pan?)

And isn't it true
  I'm the one you do
    All those things for?
(Your knees buckle when you see me.)

I just want to be
  There when the armor falls
    When bully turns to coward
(When Venus comes to Mars.)
© 2006 by Michael J. Farrand

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