So you say you're socialized
That men force you to act
In this way you're victimized
But you neglect the fact.

That Mother Nature makes you do
The things you do each day
To Laws of Nature you act true
From genes you do not stray.

Who makes Society, get real
While men are shooting bear
It's you who bring the man to heel
To stray he would not dare.

You work him to your every need
To your tune he must dance
Your beck and call he must sure heed
She left nothing to chance.

Still you say he holds the power
He somehow pulls the strings
How could such a pretty flower
Have power over kings?

With winks and tears and girlie wiles
And if that fails, the courts
Where such motions your lawyer files
The man has no resorts.

Could it be you are embarrassed
By the ways you behave
It's us not you who are harassed
It's us that you enslave.

So take your complaint to the Gal
Who presides over us all
Ask Her to make the man your pal
Instead of your chattel.
© 2004 by Michael J. Farrand

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