You filled my cart with sticks
  With things you could not use
Things you thought unworthy
  Things your Souls refuse.

Once my cart was loaded
  In fulfillment of my duty
The filling of it goaded
  Removal of the booty.

Dragged out of your sight
  Way beyond your reach
I unload the blight
  Attachment I impeach.

Knowledge of Psychology:
  Rejected Shame discarded
Crossed with the chronology;
  Projected Blame has sharded.

The rings on all your wood
  Each ring a year of bark
Shows not that I could
  Have filled your sinful ark.

The highs and the lows
  Where choices all went wrong
My carbon-dating shows
  Where Blame does not belong.

A blast of vicious laughter
  Does not disperse your Shame
I came on too long after
  To qualify for Blame.

But I have done your work
  Tossed memories you scrape
Ditched ugliness you shirk
  And made good my escape.

Having left the valley
  I have seen the mountain top
My spirits in a rally
  Life experience my prop.

Should I now return?
  I could be your fixer
Or exoneration spurn
  Smash bottles of Elixir?

To grow I need not gloat
  I can take the humble road
If on moral wings I float
  Would you just pile another load?
© 2007 by Michael J. Farrand

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