There is a place
  A place called Love
    A place designed
      By God above.

        This is a place
          Where we can go
            Where my love
              Can soothe your soul.

                In this place
                You can be sure
                As sure of me
                As sure can be.

              In this place
            This place called Love
          You find the stuff
        That dreams are of.

      In this place
    I live for you
  To make your dreams
All come true.

and it's peaceful there
it's quiet
and serene.

It knows all this . .
  What this is for:

A love that moves
  The air of Life
A love that rips
  The care from strife
A love that cleaves
  A man to wife.

A love that
  Makes us want to stay
    In this place
      Called Love.
© 2003 by Michael J. Farrand

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