Bluegrass musician extraordinaire
Recognized by all his savoir faire
Electric energy, face so fair
No end to talent, with art to spare
None here nor Above to him compare
A Force of Nature breathing air
Nobly he portrays God's extra care.

Modest in manner, more than are most
In possession of so much to boast
Commanding venues, the gracious host
Hailing friends, raising fellows a toast
Ahead so far that he can coast
Even a legend can't fill his post
Lest we summon Orpheus' ghost.

Generous with talent, and his art
Inviting the down into his heart
Lost to the world, their lives to restart
Magically letting them take part
Ordering for them a whole new chart
Releasing souls whose Fate was ill-starred
End of Hell they were;--now where dreams start.
© 2000 by Michael J. Farrand

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