If you see my mind
Please let me know
I lost it to Life unkind
Oh, so long ago.

Happiness so fleeting
Intoxicated me
It gave me the feeling
That my soul was free.

But the bill came later
Addressed to my mind
It knocked me to a crater
Of a lunar kind.

Chasing happy dreams
Travelling into space
Seeking joy on moonbeams
Leaving not a trace.

Leads only outward
And far, far away
No happy words are heard
No kinder, softer way.

If in your lunar landings
You should encounter me
Amidst the moon dust wandering
Trying to be free.

Tell me just on Earth
Can life be redeemed
Just there I'll find the mirth
Of which I only dreamed.
© 2000 by Michael J. Farrand

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