I want you to go Mikeboarding
Face all the outrageous risks
Take your life extreme sporting
Stare down every "tsk, tsk".

Smash into mulberry bushes
Desecrate churches and schools
Protect not tender tushes
Suffer not the safety fools.

Fly a hundred miles-an-hour
Into places where you shouldn't go
Crash into beds of flowers
And beat your chest for show.

Leap over impossible obstacles
Landing all clumsily wrong
Do not consider the consequences
The Mike Squad will be along.

Life streaking by in a blur
Fate shrieks a scenic reply
Harsh emotions expressed in a whir
Pain and fear processed thereby.

Run out Life's death-defying acts
The obstacle course in Life's gambit
To acquaint yourself with Life's facts
You must push your fears to the limit.

Loss of blood or loss of breath
Consideration over losing a limb
The choice between Life and Death
Go with the most dangerous whim.

My space for you is wide as the sea
From fear-to-love your exchanger
My heart, my warmth, my arms, just me
Will save you from all danger.
© 2003 by Michael J. Farrand

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