On those days I can't be with you
I yearn for you in heartfelt pain
I think of all the things we will do
When we are rejoined again.

On those days you can't be with me
With things to do, places to go
When your spirit yearns to be free
The love you bring, the hopes you sow.

I am aware of all the others
I begrudge them not their love for you
They are to me sisters and brothers
In all the things they feel and do.

On those days they can't be with you
From thoughts of you their minds won't stray
They dream of all the things they will do
When each can have you for a day.

On those days I can't be with you
A drifting mind my sweet dream smothers
I must dream of what we will do
To focus not on dreams of others.

But on those days I'm feeling lucky
When off you dash with things to do
In your glow and feeling plucky
I chance to steal a kiss from you.
© 2003 by Michael J. Farrand

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