Those icy potholed city streets
    You wandered solely
        Each step deadening your heartbeats
            Killing you slowly.

They led you to a country lane
    There you found a pub
        And to a love you can't explain
            Spokes linking a hub.

There's magic in his metal strings
    That tears your world apart
        Old standards he sweetly sings
            Pierce like Cupid's dart.

Those syrupy Virginia tones
    Learned in the mountains
        Comfort your New York City bones
            Like sun-drenched fountains.

His misty maudlin drunken eyes
    Relate his true love
        And when he whispers silly lies
            You coo like a dove.

How did you live so long without
    Your own Danny Boy?
        Whose music makes you twist and shout
            Overflowing joy.

Through him God shows His extra care
    Art is sharing God
        This kid just has more God to share
            Cosmic lightning rod.
© 2000 by Michael J. Farrand

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