First they came for the molester
  You applauded out of fright
    'Strip him of all Rights,
      Force his confession!
        Only then can we sleep at night.'

Then they came for the rapist
  They posted pictures, too
    'Surely he's a threat to us,
      Do all that you can do!

Then they came for the arsonist
  Listing names on the 'net
    Accusations only, no proof
      'Who needs evidence, why fret?'

Then they came for the dealer
  They moved him out of town
    They made it so he cannot work
      They burned his buildings down.

Then they came for the car thief
  They took his DNA
    They put an anklet on his foot
      To track him night-and-day.

Then they came for the speeder
  They attached a polygraph
    'Surely he was such a threat
      We're right to do just that.'

Then they came for the litter bug
  They sent him off to 'treatment'
    Where little girls with fresh curls
      Would force a guilty statement.

Then they came for you, my friend
  'But what sort of threat am I?'
    Why, you stood by applauding,
      While they ripped up the sky.
© 2006 by Michael J. Farrand

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