Hats off to Mister Jefferson
Who penned the Bill of Rights
A great man's work is never done
In darkness he shines lights.

Now we've torn his work to shreds
Where it frayed around the edges
From country judges to the Feds
We've stripped it of its hedges.

We've ripped it up to protect
Ourselves from nasty people
Their liberties we disrespect
To keep ourselves from peril.

Right then we run into the ghost
Of that Virginia man
As to our future he did post
To us a master plan:

'If,' he said 'you seek to save
The World from perdition
By stealing rights that God gave
You lose Civilization.'

One thing I know he need not say
So clear it was in his time
Not the tripe: 'Crime does not pay!'
But stealing rights is crime.
© 2006 by Michael J. Farrand

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