Michael J. Farrand


The Life and Death Mystery of Edgar A. Poe


The troubled spirit of Edgar A. Poe—America’s greatest Man of Letters, unofficial bard, inventor of the detective story, the horror story, and science fiction, explorer of the occult in literature— afraid history will be unkind to him, seeks answers to his life and death mysteries. Why did he dedicate his life to destroying himself? He finds the answer in his own poems and stories. How did he die? Answering this requires a trip to 1970s Baltimore, where he discovers his legacy lives on far better than he could ever have imagined. Knowing this allows him to pass peacefully to his Eternal Rest.


Edgar A. Poe, 40, American poet, short story writer, essayist, lecturer.


1. Saturday evening, October 6, 1849. Hospital room in Washington Medical College, Baltimore.

2. Tuesday morning, October 9, 1849. Poe’s cottage in Fordham, New York.

3. A few days later. Same.

© 1997 by Michael J. Farrand