Michael J. Farrand


one-man show
EUREKA! The Life and Death Mystery of Edgar A. Poe: The troubled spirit of Edgar A. Poe, afraid history will be unkind to him, seeks answers to his life and death mysteries.

international farce
HEAVEN AND HELL: What happens when a French chef resolves to become a mechanic, a German mechanic a policeman, a British policeman a chef, a Swiss businessman a lover, and an Italian arsonist-lover the ruler of the world?

SPARKISH: adapted from William Wycherley's 'The Country Wife'. Just as funny, but shorter by a mile and with far fewer characters to play.

melodramatic farce
TREACHERY: Royce Bentley, committed for twenty years to Cerebellum Manor because his outrageously profligate spending threatened his gold-digging mother's fortune, returns home to Wulfweardsweorth upon her death.

family comedy
TOMB OF THE CAPULETS: America's royal family of the stage endure another seeming episode of their handsome father's infidelity, only to have everything set right in the end.

"An Offer He Can't Refuse": Tony Montana comes to Michael Corleone on the day of his daughter's wedding to discuss his biggest problem . . WOMEN.


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