1. When You Take Your Tour of Africa
  2. Way Up There In Sweden
  3. Come Visit Me In Outer Mongolia
  4. I Think I'll Live in Albania
  5. You Want to Live in Utopia
  6. I Want to Live in Tuckerville
  7. At the Bread and Puppet Show
  8. They Closed Al's Magic Shop
  9. Down at the Laundromat
  10. Charlottesville's a Gemini Female
  11. Down to Starbucks
  12. I Descend Upon the Mudhouse
  13. I Think I'll Move to Druid Street
  14. Too Late in Life to Go Lesbian
  15. I Steer Well Clear of Gay Street
  16. To Live In Keezletown
  17. Go To Fishersville
  18. With My Back to Fort Defiance
  19. Hiding Out in Weyer's Cave
  20. I Used to Own This Town
© Michael J. Farrand

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