I sit in my cabin
Like after a long war
Just me and my thoughts
It's quiet
Fall gives way to Winter.

I've built a nest
For you to find
When you grow too tired
To fly
You never thought
You'd need a rest
But it was a comfort
To know
I was there.

Nothing much
Happening now
Just the only thing
That ever did
(me thinking of you).

People stop
They say 'hello'
From time-to-time
Birds and deer
Drift by
(even a bear).

But I'm off
Thinking of you
As they all know
I'm not really there
But they play along
(yes, even the bear).

Why did I let
You go like that
Without so much as a fight?
I knew
A train
Could not
Have stopped you
Nor a fast-moving truck
(not even my friend the bear).

You had to go
To find your way
In this wild, woolly world
And who was I
Who was I to say
I who have already globe-trotted
That you could find it here
That for which you searched.

If you had
Just believed me
Taken it on faith
I would have had
But a part of you
Not your world-traveling mind
(while I thought only of you).

And so
I let
You go your way
Hoping that one day
(like maybe this?)
With nothing much
Going on
You'd come my way
A vision in the mist.

That you'd come
Because you'd searched
The world over
And found nothing there
That you
This truth

I wouldn't ask
A thing of you
Just to sing
Those songs
You used to sing
The ones that make me cry
They were
The songs
That made me fall
In love with you
Before you went away.

And you could stay
Or go again
Who am I to say?
But if my love
Should keep you here
It could
Put an end to war.

© 2002 by Michael J. Farrand

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