In the bare beginning
Back before the before
Before there was an Earth
Before there was a core.

The Goddess of All Things
Eurynome her name
Rose naked from Chaos
Since, nothing's been the same.

Nowhere to put her feet
She split the sea and sky
Dancing lonely on waves
She sparked the air on high.

Dancing towards the south
She set wind in motion
Something new and apart
She'd use for Creation.

Wheeling about she caught
Hold to this North Wind
Rubbing it 'twixt her hands
Behold! a great serpent.

She danced to warm herself
Wildly and more wildly
Till the snake grown lustful
Coiled, to put it mildly.

About these divine limbs
Ophion the snake wrapped
He tried to hold it in
But something in him snapped.

Now this Wind fertilizes
As would a rapscallion
That's how mares breed foals
Without aid of stallion.

Taking form of a dove
On waves to rest her legs
In due process of time
She laid Universal Egg.

The snake coiled about the egg
Until it split in two
Out tumbled all existence
Sun, planets, stars, and moon.

The Earth, too, tumbled out
With its mountains and rivers
The trees, the plants, the herbs
All the living creatures.

Eurynome and he
Made home Mount Olympus
Where Ophion vexed her
By claiming what was his.

Where would she be less him
What contribution hers
With all his coiling
He'd authored the Universe!

So his teeth she kicked out
And banished him to caves
The darkest ones below earth
Now she gets all the raves.

© 2004 by Michael J. Farrand

Adapted from "The Pelasgian Creation Myth" in Robert Graves' The Greek Myths (Volume 1), first printed in 1955 by Penguin Books.

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