When Love met Hate on the causeway
It was indeed a most peculiar day
For they'd never before met on the causeway
As each had always gone his own way.

'How strange' Love thought 'to meet Hate on this day
For he's always gone his own way
And on the day I meet Hate on the causeway
I have nothing in particular to say.'

'Finally I get the chance to make you pay'
Hate hissed, as he threw Love into the spray
'You're the reason good feelings I slay
You're the reason I ended up this way!'

Love thought 'It is indeed a most peculiar day!
First I'm walking along, then I'm tossed into the bay.'
Love wondered why things had to go this way
What were the wrongs for which he must pay?

Hate, for his part, kicked Love with spray
He made it abundantly clear he came not to play
He would, if he could, abuse Love all day
Then serve him up to the Devil bloody on a tray.

Love knew he could not say him 'nay'
Nor could he hope to swim cleanly away
He saw Hate would not let swimming dogs lay
His only real hope was to pray.

'So what, Love, what do you say
Will you let me, let me abuse you this way
Did you know I can stay, I can stay all day
The better to serve you up bloody on a tray?'

'I cannot endure this abuse all the livelong day'
Love thought, knowing Hate would not let him stray
'Why, oh, why God did you make Hate this way
And where, oh where, is of Hope just a ray?'

In response to Love's prayers, Hate pelted him with clay
As proof his civility would continue to fray
All day (and all night?) he would keep Love at bay
From this vicious frequency he would not stray.

If only Love could think, think of something to say
Something to get Hate off his path and out of his way
If he could just get Hate to vacate the lonely causeway
Then he might extricate himself from this bay.

Just then of Hope there came but a ray
As Love thought, finally, of something to say
'A question' Love posed 'just one question, if I may?'
Thinking all along 'What a most peculiar day!'

Hate ignored him, so busy was he making Love pay
His vicious hiss having turned into a bray
Wanting so much Love's supports to splay
Wishing to dispatch him to Hell sans delay.

'Please' Love said 'about those dues I must pay
First explain to me my crime, I pray
And willingly I'll make good, I say
All your hurts and resentments aside you can lay.'

'Willingly?' Hate asked 'willingly you'll pay?
But, I've never known anyone to behave that way.'
His momentary confusion caused him to cease the spray
That was keeping Love ensconced, ensconced in the bay.

'For it was you, yes it was you, who turned me this way
You filled my life with anger, and stripped away the play
From this path of viciousness I no longer stray
And for my life of misery I must now make you pay!'

Love knew, by the tone of things, that this was not his day
He knew if Hate could grab him, his very flesh he'd flay
Best to wait quietly while Hate had his say
Even if all his troubles on Love he would lay.

'She was my morning, she was my night, she was my day
I lived with but one wish, to make her stay
You knew my great fear, how I could not keep it at bay
Then you went and took her, you took her away.'

Love could not remember her, or the day she went away
He knew so many hearts, so many broken, anyway
But, as Love, the story his heart did stay
For Love could not imagine a life with no flowers in May.

'How could you so heartlessly send her away?'
Apart from praying, Love found nothing at all to say
Treading water, treading water, treading water in the bay
It had been, as predicted, a most peculiar day.

But, what could, after all, what could he say?
Nothing at all would do, he realized with all dismay
Let the poets, the finest among them, have it their way
But, Love the inner workings of Love would not betray.

He knew it was Love who'd turned Hate this way
He remembered her name now, yes, he was sure it was Kay
And if he were Hate he'd act much the same way
'But, for other hearts' Love thought 'I must see another day.'

'Yes, it was I' Love shouted 'who turned you this way!
And I even remember her name, yes, I'm sure it was Kay
And I was the one who sent her away
Even though I knew you wanted her to stay.'

Then all Love could do at this moment was pray
That God might release him from the bay
Pray and pray and pray for new day
To seek safe haven again along the lonely causeway.

At that very moment he was nipped by a sting ray
Who can predict what will happen when we pray?
When all you're thinking is flowers in May
And having the world handed to you on a tray.

In his stomping to scare off the nipping sting ray
Love discovered he stood on solid clay
Though this is not the sort of thing for which you pray
He was happy indeed things turned out this way.

'So you admit, you admit you sent her away?
That you knew how badly I wanted her to stay?
That you were the one who turned me this way
That you see why I must make you pay!'

With this Hate leapt, he leapt into the fray
He landed with both feet, both feet in the bay
His landing thus created a very huge spray
His intention to keep Love from seeing new day.

Love, for his part, grabbed the sting ray
He planted his feet so firmly in the clay
And as Hate hurtled forth so quickly his way
Loved tossed the sea beast at Hate through the spray.

With the sea monster keeping Hate at bay
And keeping his mind off his sweet-loving Kay
Love leapt at full force from the bay
Landing like an angel on vacated causeway.

'I thought sure this would be my day!'
Hate said as he fended off the sting ray
Mired ever more deeply in the wide bay
'That I would finally make Love pay!'

Love thought 'Yes, it's been a most peculiar day
Meeting, as I did, Hate on this causeway
Being tossed so unceremoniously into the bay
Then fending him off with the offending sting ray.'

Observing wryly Hate fight in the spray
Love moved again freely along empty causeway
He could yet think of nothing useful to say
But knew from here forward, he must go his own way.

© 2003 by Michael J. Farrand

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