I asked the angels
  In Heaven above
    If you were an angel, too
'Yes, of course!' they said
  You taught them to love
    You showed them what angels do.

They say you then went
  And fell like a lug
    For some schlub who's beneath you
Now they sit around
  And twiddle their thumbs
    As if they have nothing to do.

They stare into space
  They comb feathered wing
    Over little things they stew
They don't eat or sleep
  They can't cry enough
    They know not what they should do.

Might all the angels
  In Heaven above
    Have fallen in love with you?
That could explain why
  Since you've descended
    They can find so little to do.

How can I tell them
  That I am the schlub
    Who's making them all so blue
That I'm in Heaven
  Like angels above
    Because of the things that you do?

Maybe it's their turn
  To send down their love
    Their final lesson from you
If all the angels
  Would find them a schlub
    They'd sure to find plenty to do.

© 2001 by Michael J. Farrand

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