Salvatore wakes
He wakes to Christmas morn
Mass occurred but hours before
Where he prayed to Our Fair Lady.

The tree he's hung with Maria
Oh, the saintly Maria
(She just wanted him to?)
He cut it down . .
(Or just wanted to)
He could not have
It's plastic
Its needles white like snow.

She decorated
Maria the saint
Who gave him (just) six children
(He wanted more,
. . But she was sore.)
Now they sleep apart.

Uncle Tony's stopping by
As he always does
He brings the Christmas cheer:
  Turkeys, hams, stuffing, and fish
  Whiskey, wine, and beer.

The miscreants
Surround the tree
Sal, Vinny, Enzo, Sonny
That's the boys
The girls, at least
Wait their turn.

'When I was your age'
Papa shouts
'We were lucky to have presents!
All we had was love
Love we had for each other.'

The boys,
They roll their eyes
They've heard it all before
'He tells these stories
From Ancient Rome!
We studied that in school.'

'Save the paper,
Fold it up,
We'll use it again next year!'
Papa roars again.

But they're too busy
Ripping it
To hear what Papa says
Too busy ripping and clawing
To get to gold
That marks our Christmas Day.

Each new thing discovered
Tossed aside for next
Barely a 'Thank you, Papa!'
Can be heard above the din.

'Make room for the girls
You wolves!'
As Papa clears the way
'Salvatore and Vincent, I say
Enzo and Santino
Act like human beings!'

Says Patricia sweetly
'We'll wait till after supper
Won't we Anna?'
Who shakes her curls
'Oh, but yes we will, Papa!'

'Such good girls I raised'
Sighs Papa
'But the boys, Madonna Santa!'

Just then a car
A car pulls up
A car stuffed to the gills
'Uncle Tony!!'
The boys all yell
And rush out on the walk.

'Go wake Mama!'
Papa tells the girls
As he joins the boys outside.

He shouts
'Buon Natale!'
To the man who makes things bright.

Ah, the food
The packages
The boxes of goods he brings.
'Where, oh where' he wonders
'Could he find such things?'

Mamma stumbles
In her robe
The girls tug at her hands
'Look, Mama!' they cry
'How beautiful the tree!'
'Yes, my darlings, lovely'
She sighs
'Come help me with the meal.'

© 2010 by Michael J. Farrand

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