Michael J. Farrand


Stage Plays
Eureka: The Life and Death Mystery of Edgar A. Poe one-man show
  • produced
Tomb of the Capulets family comedy
  • (being written)
Heaven and Hell international farce
  • produced in Houston
  • showcased in NYC (twice)
Treachery farce
Sparkish adaptation
Celebrate Life! musical
  • produced
If You See Elvis, Look the Other Way one-act comedy
  • produced
P.R. Trek comedy skit
  • produced
An Offer He Can't Refuse ten-minute comedy
Jump Steady musical comedy
  • portion produced

Maurice biography
In Search of Elvis comedy
  • read on stage
Beautiful Things action-adventure
All the Power video short
  • produced
Treachery video short
  • produced

  • country
  • blues
  • jazz
  • bluegrass
  • popular
  • show

David S. Freeman writing instructor
  • screenwriting
Leslie Kallen literary agent
  • screenwriting
  • marketing
Chris Vogler author The Writers Journey
  • screenwriting
Richard Walter screenwriting professor at UCLA,
author of Screenwriting and The Whole Picture
  • screenwriting
Blake Newman director Curtains Theater, Houston
  • dramatic structure
Mardik Martin senior lecturer at USC,
screenwriter Mean Streets,
New York, New York, Raging Bull
  • script analysis
Gary Chason filmmaker
  • film production
Mark Pirtle Access Houston
  • video production

Special Skills and Interests
Author of Representative Democracy for the Modern Era: a Proposed Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
  • actor, director, producer for stage and screen
  • improvisational comedy
  • former president Scriptwriters/Houston
  • poet-performer
  • photographer
  • administrator Empire Screenplay Contest five years
  • screenwriting instructor
  • critiquer of screenplays
  • technical writer

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