Michael J. Farrand


(5'6", 150lbs, greying hair, brown eyes)


Newton Boys Postal Clerk Fox/Richard Linklater


New York City
Heaven and Hell Rodney Beckmann Theatre

No Shame Theatre various Live Arts Theatre
The Reindeer Monologues Dasher Live Arts Theatre
Loot McLeavy Live Arts Theatre

Inherit the Wind Photographer Alley Theatre
10x10: "Everybody Does It in Nashville" Ramsey Ramrack Stages Repertory Theatre
Impulsive Comedy Cabaret Improv Troupe Absolute Theatre
What the Butler Saw Dr. Rance Curtains Theater
10x10: "Lonely People" Arnold Stages Repertory Theatre
The Foreigner Charlie Curtains Theater
The Triumph of the Spider Monkey Prosecutor Curtains Theater
Torch Song Trilogy Ed Jones Theater

Washington, D.C.
The Adventures of Arnold Lane Captain Space Guy Source Theatre
The Big Boys Lowboy Source Theatre
Bikini Girls from Mars Gee Whiz Source Theatre
The Odd Couple Roy (Felix u/s) Lazy Susan Dinner Theater
The Country Wife Master Sparkish Georgetown Workshop Theater
The Deadly Game Howard Trapp Silver Spring Stage
Metamorphosis Gregor Samsa Silver Spring Stage

On Camera/Industrial

Catch Our Wave Accountant Comdex Convention
PATROL Promotion Database Mgr B.M.C. Software
Out of Nowheresville Coroner Walnut Street Productions
Campaign Compaq '96 Moderator Compaq Satellite Broadcast
Foley's Sales Training customer Foley's department store
United Way Promotion Siskel Compaq Computers
Twyla's Friends Ron Walnut Street Productions
Say the Word Boss Compaq Computers (16mm)
If Financial Institutions Were People Son Houston Area Credit Unions
Parks Plus + announcement Couch Potato Fairfax County Park Authority


Presario Sales Training Narrator Compaq Audio
Volunteer Training Various voices Center for the Retarded, Inc.

FILM: Carey Scott, Gary Chason, Mona Lee, Suzanne Savoy, Terry Berland (commercials)
THEATER: Norm Boaz (singing), Michael Shurtleff (six-week workshop), Anthony Skordi of Royal Shakespeare Company, Floyd King of Folger Theatre, Viginia Governor's School for the Gifted

SKILLS: accents, improv, satellite broadcast moderating, TelePrompTer, baritone singing
LANGUAGES: fluent Spanish, working Italian, passable French, some Russian WRITING: playwright, screenwriter (instructor), scriptwriter for a variety of purposes SPORTS: golf (90s), tennis, softball, volleyball

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