What a twisted fuck
  With a tongue of acid
    For you it's all bad luck
And your life is rancid.

You frame mine that way
  With your catastrophizing
    For me you need not pray
The sun is always rising.

What power do you summon?
  One suited to a ghoul
    Surely it was Satan
Who bought your soul.

It's an evil man
Who starves his children
To exact revenge
For Mother's treason
Against his ghoulish scheme
To take them down
His portal to Hell.

Revenge and destruction
  Your whole life long
    Now you seek resurrection
Relationship with your son.

My arm cannot be twisted
  I'm haunted by the Truth
    Your legacy is wretched
You took away my youth.

Take your ghoulish snicker
  At all I hold dear
    As the Hell flames flicker
Experience the fear.

Flames will sear your bones
  As Satan sounds his knell
    And you spiral alone
Down his portal to Hell.

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