You say I don't
    I don't listen
      I don't relate.

  Most of all
    I don't say

I have been talking
  And listening, too
    I oped my eyes
      I cocked my ears.

What I have seen
  Confirms my fears.

Years ago
  In Eighty Six
    I gave up the drink
      (Problems to fix.)

From that day to this
  I've spoken true
    What I've been saying
      Is what I do.

For I've stayed sober
  Just stop and think
    Over and over
      I've failed to drink.

Meantime I've watched
  Progressed disease
    Lives it has botched
      Destroyed with ease.

That's how I listen
  To what could be
    Without solution
      The end for me.

I hear just what
  Disease is saying
    I see how much
      You keep on paying.

So here's my thanks
  My thanks to you
    I'll keep on doing
      What you should do.
© 2006 by Michael J. Farrand

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