Bad, Bad, Bad
Diplomacy Begins at Home
Diplomatic Relations With Hell
Here Lies
I'm No Pawn
My Thanks to You
Now Is the Time
Portal to Hell
Startling Conclusion
They Say Evil Is an Absence of Good
Vicious Predator
You're a Plague
'You're a Sixteenth Yid'
Your Legacy

Bloody Son of Mars
Cowboy Saloon Hecklers
I'll Send You to Extinction
Like a Shimmering Magical Wizard
Most Deranged
The Most Evil of All Have Been the Lies
My Angel-Blown Trumpets
My Puppet Master
Now Is the Time to Do a Darth Vader
Scorched Earth
The Truth About You
Victory Dance
Voodoo Doll
You No Longer Need Interfere
Your True Colors
Your Father's Great Failure

Your last whopper was one lie too many
'Will you sit there with a gun to your head?'
You starved me out at university
You remind you're the one with deep pockets
You seem rather impressed with yourself
California wants you for child abuse
You trip me up to laugh when I fall
Like some tyrannical barbarian
To your destruction so mechanical
Ironic the tactic that succeeded
Your aims to have me gainfully employed
Why, tell me why, would I listen to you?
You remind me of a Russian proverb
Volunteer to enter a viper's nest
When your Father's a Creature of the Deep
What might have saved you early was a punch
Most unnerving, your certainly I'd fail
In Life's rainbow of colors you see black
From behind Flames of Hell you peer out
Your very presence means all has gone wrong
To the world you masquerade as my father
What better mask for your evil notions
What better fort from which to operate
When I came to you like son to father
Where even a wolf would rescue his whelp
Your Destruction Account we must debit
Your new family should be so grateful
In the loving, caring, smiling faces
What did you foresee if you lost your game?
Your sweet hopes for reconciliation
So far you're batting a thousand percent
You can't be involved in my Life at all
Must I go forth now with your hemorrhoid
For your seventieth birthday, my gift
You have all the sensible squares covered
Perhaps the Muslims are right about us
Alcohol, time, and guilt--my big allies
What do you think will happen after death
In Life's lottery, my number came up
My life you have made a catastrophe
You have appointed yourself the Chairman
Sorry to ruin your catastrophe
Must you make of my life a disaster
Back from Wilderness, where I licked your scar
Most damaging of all was the moving
You could so neat flee across the ocean
They say when you point a finger at me
You've developed your own mythology
Perhaps there is an 'of course' to it all
The tough-guy act has seen its last season
Electrified spikes that stick out your head
If recovery for you should match mine
Victory over your Father is no win

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