Market Your Screenplay


There's no real rocket science to marketing your screenplay 'conventionally', just a few simple steps with follow-up . .

  1. Gather Producer Contact Information: get a copy of the latest:

    It's published quarterly, which is a good thing as so much of it becomes quickly outdated-- such is the changing nature of Hollywood. But, it's still the Bible by which all other such directories are judged.

  2. Select Appropriate Producers: big screen (theatrical release), small screen (television, cable, etc.); genre specialties; recent hits; etc.

  3. Contact Producers: agents and managers 'only come along when you don't need them anymore,' a very wise man in Hollywood once said. Best to make something happen for yourself. Mail, fax, or e-mail a query. The latter has the advantage of being free, instant, and easy--and it doesn't necessarily divulge geographical location of the writer. But, you never know who reads the e-mails, if they get read at all, and who passes them on to whom. In some cases the top guy gets them and responds quickly to those that interest. Telephoning works well for many people-- using one of the synopses as a pitch (perhaps printed on an index card). A full-court press is best of all--hit 'em all four ways.

  4. Follow-up: after a reasonable period of time--perhaps 5-6 weeks--call to see what interest your efforts have garnered (courteously).

And then do it all over again (until you get it right).

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