Michael J. Farrand



  1. The Child Support Blues (blues)
  2. The Pride of Arizona (country)
  3. She's Singing Patsy Cline Again (country)
  4. Everything But Me
  5. Living in New Orleans
  6. Hangover Cure (country)
  7. How Many Bricks in the Wall (country)
  8. I Got Me a Bad Boy, Too (country)
  9. The Impossible One
  10. Let's Fall in Love to the Sounds of Bluegrass (bluegrass)
  11. Lovin' and Losin' (country)
  12. Messin' With the Blues (blues)
  13. Now I Know Why
  14. Other People
  15. The Secret to Life
  16. The Texas Blues (blues)
  17. This Is Gonna Hurt Me Tomorrow
  18. The Ugly Tattoo Blues (blues)
  19. We Got Your Liquor Here
  20. You're Forbidden
  21. It Can't Be
  22. Now Appearing (You in My Dreams)
  23. Pico Boulevard
  24. Pretending Don't Make It So
  25. The Things You Don't Know (blues)
  26. The World's Biggest Jerk
  27. Your Secret Is Safe With Me
  28. Burning Before I Thaw
  29. Homey Dude (rap)
  30. I Know What You Did Last Summer
  31. The One That Got Away
  32. Lovers Ping Pong

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