I'm rhyming oranges
Since you left me blue
I should be snorin' . . . loudly
Got nothing to do.

I'm rhyming oranges
My days fade to black
I should be roarin' . . . Twenties
Jitterbugging, Mack.

I'm rhyming oranges
Your beau makes me green
I should be borin' . . . shrinks
By venting my spleen.

Spectrum of colors
In the rainbow
And I pick the one
That don't rhyme . . . no how
It's emblematic
Of our doomed romance
Like rhyming oranges
It don't stand a chance.

I'm rhyming oranges
Because I'm yellow
I should be scorin' . . . chicks
Like your new fellow.

I'm rhyming oranges
While he's in the pink
I should be pourin' . . . concrete
Down his kitchen sink.

© 2000 by Michael J. Farrand

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