Michael J. Farrand


  1. Heaven and Earth
  2. I Got No Use for You
  3. Mamma Knows Best (blues)
  4. Nine o'Clock on a Saturday
  5. That's Love
  6. That's the Kid (And He's a Force of Nature)
  7. Will You Take This Body? (wedding)


  8. Bridge to God (bluegrass)
  9. Hurtin' and Healin'
  10. I Ain't As Dumb As I Look
  11. I Wonder What They're Doing in Muskogee (response)
  12. Last Dixie Christmas (old-time)
  13. Let the Boys Eat Cake (old-time)
  14. Lonesome Mountain Blues (bluegrass)
  15. My Happiest Hours Were You
  16. That's My Love for You (bluegrass)


  17. Barefoot, Pregnant, and Chained to the Stove
  18. The Cheese Song (blues)
  19. Drinking Again in Duluth
  20. The Goldfish Song (or, Ode to Artaxerxes)
  21. Hook, Line, and Sinker (country)
  22. I'm Rhyming Oranges
  23. Killer Eyes (country)
  24. Observable Data
  25. Proverbially Yours, Madame Cliche
  26. Silver-Tongued Devil (country)
  27. Spanakopita (male/female duet)
  28. Up On Brokeback Mountain (country)
  29. When God Took the Bottle Away (country)

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