Got your postcard
  That you sent me
    From Australia
I see you made it all the way to Perth
  I'd be with you
Let me tell ya
  But I'm so busy
    Moving Heaven and Earth.

When I fell for you
  That was up here
    Not Down Under
There was laughter, there was loving, there was mirth
  I saw the lightning
    Heard the thunder
      It was frightening
It musta scared you all the way to Perth.

You said you'd come home
  If I built us a home
    So I got bricks
      I got mortar
        I got earth.

But you needed a blessing
  Before we started messing
    A nod from God
      Help from angels
        Virgin birth.

I'm building us a home
  So you don't have to roam
    I'm speaking with the Man Upstairs
He says it took more than a day
  To build the City of Rome
That's why I'm busy
  Moving Heaven and Earth.

I called the shipyard
  To the captain
    Of a liner
'Need a ticket, need some passage, need a berth'
  Nothing sweeter, there's
    Nothing finer
      Without your arms
What the heck is life worth?

He apologized:
  'But this is
He said, 'since Katrina, there's been a dearth'
  Since I got no way
    To get to
I'll get back to moving Heaven and Earth.


I got the logs up
  I got the roof
    I got shingles
To get our home built, I moved Heaven and Earth
  To see you here
    The thought
      Gives me tingles
But will that coax you all the way from Perth?

© 2005 by Michael J. Farrand

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