Free finger food
Old drunks I've known
They're acting so happy
I sit here alone
Half-priced drinks
They've all had a few
I'm drinking coffee
My happiest hours were you.

My best friend Joe
He'd laugh at my jokes
As long as I bought him
His bourbon and Cokes
I'd slap his back
Toss another one down
That helped me forget
My happiest hours were you.

Now Joe ignores me
My back he stabs
He's found a new bozo
To pick up his tabs
Who wouldn't ignore
The world's biggest fool
The idiot who forgot
His happiest hours were you.

Those lazy Sundays
Spent loving you
Your warm glowing skin
Caressing my soul
Whispering "I love you"
Nibbling your ear
Saying those things
You wanted to hear.

Kissing your eyelids
Pressing your nose
Doing silly things
Drawing you close
Promising the moon
Acting the fool
All the things that remind me
My happiest hours were you.

My happy hours
Made you unhappy
All alone at home crying
Wishing you could change me
Now that I'm sober
Now that we're through
I see things too clearly
My happiest hours were you.

I swore I'd quit
So many times
I know how you suffered
You were through with my lies
You were right to leave
The world's biggest fool
Who didn't realize
His happiest hours were you.

You were the things
I sought in the booze
Warm glow, good feeling
I discovered in you
Those happy hours
Just made me blue
They cost me my happiness
My happiest hours were you.
© 2001 by Michael J. Farrand

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