(female vocal)

I got me a silver-tongued devil
He tells me things I know ain't true
My very own feminist rebel
This tomboy's coming unglued.

He whistles at me and hollers
Sweet words Ms. Steinem outlawed
Because she recognized the dangers
Such weapons posed to her fraud.

She was a Playboy bunny
Serving them male chauvinists
Silver-tongued devils called her 'honey'
Giving her female heart fits.

'Remove all of your make-up!' she said
'Slap men when they grope in lust
Have a heart attack at work instead
Let men fix their own breakfast!'

My rebel holed up in her heyday
Ignoring the things that she said
Deciding one day he'd make her pay
And turn those feminist heads.

He dusted off man's greatest weapon
It tops guns by a long country mile
When igniting a woman's passion
Just compliment her with a smile.

He whistles and tells me that my face
Could launch a thousand tall ships
My heart feverishly keeps the pace
With sweet words passing his lips.

Now I'm crossing to the rebel side
Rouging cheeks and rolling curls
He appeals to my feminine pride
I feel like them Hollywood girls.

I got me a silver-tongued devil
He whistles at my bare legs
I love my sweet feminist rebel
At dawn I fix him some eggs.
© 2000 by Michael J. Farrand

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