When the sparks start flying
Down at the Bath Steelworks
And King Louie rings his bell
Us boys give the man our bread
So we can eat for a spell.

There's an angry mob
Across the street
They tell us we should strike
They want to chop King Louie's head
And parade it on a spike.

Louie gives us catfish
And stir-fried beans
All blackened with mesquite
With the bad taste in our mouths
We could sure use something sweet.

That's when Marie Anne walks by
Just like cherry pie
We boys whistle hard at her
Wishing she could be dessert.

Marie Anne, sweet Marie Anne
All we want is a slice
Marie Anne, sweet Marie Anne
Why don't you give us a break?
But Marie Ann looks back and says
"Let the boys eat cake!"

When we break for lunch
Down at the Bath Steelworks
And King Louie takes our bread
This place starts to look like a prison
And puts strange thoughts in our head.

The same thing happens
Every July fourteenth
And us boys are placing a bet
If that mob would storm this place
We'd lure Marie Anne into our net.

© 2001 by Michael J. Farrand

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