Musicians are encouraged to arrange and perform live any of the lyrics written by Michael J. Farrand ("Lyricist") published at this site, with:
  1. proper attribution to Lyricist;
  2. mention of, or link to, this website;
  3. provision of resulting song recording to Lyricist; and,
  4. permission to Lyricist to use such arrangements in any of his own live performances that might arise.
Such arrangements shall not compromise Lyricist rights to subsequent arrangements made at his own direction.

Where recording revenue might result, to arranger or Lyricist, proper payment shall be mutually agreed according to standard industry guidelines.

Where non-performance related payment should result from use of any material posted at this website, please contact Lyricist.

Lyricist maintains right to alter or rescind availability guidelines in individual cases at will.

Please contact Lyricist prior to use of his works to ensure the best applications of the above guidelines.
© by Michael J. Farrand

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