Bring Back the Good Old Days
The People Cure
My New Straw Hat
My Tastes Run to the Equestrian
Flirting With Nicotine
Lucky Strikes
Parliament Lights
Wrinkled Time
I'm Going to Build a Treehouse
Pink Pollywog
The Neopolitan Mastiff

My Nutty Buddy
Perrier and Peanut M&M's
Almond M&M
My Favorite Midnight Snack
English Three Fruit Marmalade
Juice of the Gods
The Patagonian Toothfish
I Never Liked Beef Jerky

I Could Have Predicted Enron
I Turned to Salt
I Used to Wear the Monkey Suit
When I First Lost My Marbles
Looked So Fine
What Saved Me
Now I Wouldn't Go Back
The Man Who Didn't Exist
To Hear Angels Sing
I May Never Top the Charts
A Cabin in the Woods
I've Decided to Become a Samurai
In My New Persona
The Ferris Wheel at Coney Island
Less Is More
I Want to Be Michael Corleone
A Hood from Hoboken
A Regular Housewife
I Want to Be a Russian Billionaire
© by Michael J. Farrand

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