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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pulling Punches

Sean HannityConservative talk show hosts like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck--too name a few--really pull their punches when it's time to nail the anti-male slant of American society for what it is.

They may simply be unaware. They could be in denial. They, like other successful white males might just have to overleap it, or, even more likely, they just can't live in victimhood of they want to succeed as a male.

But, I think something else is going on, that's particularly clear with Limbaugh: they're pussy whipped. They know they'll lose their shows, their following, their position in society if they so much as call a spade a spade.

This tendency is particularly galling considering what allies they might make in any effort to expose the destructive Sisterhood for what it is. And when callers make specific reference to what's going on and the hosts dismiss or minimize it.

Time for them to "do the 180".

"More Than a Woman"

What exactly were the Bee Gees saying with that song?

Where's the Wreckage?

Anyone who's seen pictures of the aftermath of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon must be struck with the lack of any visible plane wreckage.

That's what the people at various organizations around the world are wondering.

Along with the simple question: "How could anyone get to the nerve center of our national defense system?" (Not possible.)

attack on Pentagon

It's Always the Pricks

Alec BaldwinAs much as we like to complain about them, it's always the pricks who do the most for us.

Alec Baldwin may be an unlikely hero for the Father's Rights Movement, appearing more like an example of everyone's worst nightmare in a recently leaked phone message to his eleven-year-old daughter, but he'll end up doing more than all the wimby-nimby 'we're sooooo victimized' divorced fathers out there.

Not that the world shouldn't take notice of the very real disaster that is the plight of the American male--perhaps especially the fathers, at least in this case--it's just that males cannot be victims.

Males are not genetically inclined to come from a place of victimhood, and tribe wouldn't listen if they did. Imagine being in the jungle and running from a tiger rather than shooting, then saying: "But I've been oppressed! My rights have been trampled on! There's no way I can compete!"

Just doesn't work.

Only females 'get' to be victims.

So, it'll take a kick-ass take-no-names prick like Alec Baldwin (who is known for amazingly generous acts) to get the much-deserved notice due to our much-villified fathers.