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Friday, August 04, 2006

Narrated by Twits

As if having female sportscasters wasn't bad enough. What do women know about football?
Lara Logan
As if having females get in the way on car shows. What do cute chicks know about hot rodding?

Now we have World War III being narrated by twits.

Everybody knows Lara Logan was appointed as Chief Foreign Correspondent for CBS News because of her cogent analysis and genius IQ not because of her swimsuit-model looks.

And she's the best of them.

The rest look as though a battalion of hair dressers was deployed to ensure they didn't suffer a bad hair day on camera; their "cogent analysis" nothing more than insipid musings designed to fill time between shopping trips. That's what the paycheck's for!

When they're captured by Arab terrorists, and the whole world shrieks, let's hope they're not forced to confess on Aljazeera they were only chosen for their looks and gender.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Jews Will Take It In Stride

Mel GibsonAnti-Semitic remarks by a Hollywood actor, no matter how seemingly vulgar and base, are unlikely to ruffle the feathers of too many thinking Jews. They've heard it all before, and worse. They expect it, especially from the man who made The Passion of the Christ. They've worked around it all their lives.

Those who make their living protecting everyone who might be offended by potentially offensive remarks will continue to have a field day.