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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Just One of the Guys

Mary Beth Cahill apparently blushed "bright red" at a Harvard event in April when John Edwards, 2004 Vice-Presidential candidate for the U.S., was asked for one lesson he'd learned from the campaign. He answered:

"Don't listen to Mary Beth Cahill."

She had been their campaign manager.

Nobody laughed, even though he had been "teasing her like he would an old friend."

Maybe she felt guilty about the $14 million dollars in campaign funds that went unspent, in spite of the close-close-close race in Ohio and other states. Maybe she felt guilty about those Democratic candidates who lost seats by razor-thin margins and could have really used the money. Mr. Edwards himself told supporters he was "livid" about the unused funds.

Maybe it was her fault that Mr. Edwards' handsome face and brilliant communication skills were not put to better use during the campaign. Maybe it was her fault they lost the campaign for the White House.

Maybe this was the first time anyone called her to task for her failures.