libera voce/libera mente

"free voice, free mind"

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Adding Back the Patina

This administration is no different from any that has gone before, except that the motive behind what they do is so patently obvious. They haven't been artful or skillful about building up the idealistic patina that covers their intentions.

So W. added it back in there with his inaugural address. They figured out what was missing, and put it back in.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

The Big Hammer

On top of all the soft power woman wields over men, the emotional, the familial, the sexual, the romantic, the legal, etc., she also has The Big Hammer: she wields the power of the all-consuming anti-male movement known as Feminism.

She's got every kind of in-your-face shut-you-up term in her quiver, such as "sexist pig!" or "male chauvinist pig!", two phrases that quell more debate and shut up more men than death itself. She's got all the wheels and levers of this power-through-victimhood movement she can pull on you at any time.

This goes beyond cooties, or an individual female's irrational dislike of males to a political force right in the home, right in the bedroom, and it's way past fair. It's way past a dirty rotten trick. It's incomprehensibly bad because no man can fight it by himself, and men do not band together in victimhood to gain power.

And They Gave Us?

We hear so much about all the horrible things the European White Man brough to the American Redman, alcoholism, typhoid, and other European diseases. Ever hear about what they brought to the Europeans?

How about tobacco and all of it's attendant ills. Peyote and mescaline? Add it up and you shall see that for such a small group of people the ills they've spawned in the other direction have been huge.