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Friday, November 19, 2004

DIVERSITY CHALLENGE #2: Democratic Campaign Managers

The skirts just don't cut it against the big boys. Mary Beth Cahill, Stephanie Cutter, please. Against Carl Rove? Send in Carville.

And he agrees. Apparently he begged Mary Beth to step aside. Poor thing, she'd rather lose the election than risk hurting Cutting's feelings.

No War Room from these gals. Yet the men sit around the water cooler and console themselves with "they can do just as well as the guys". Nope. Proven already with the Donna Brazile Experiment.

The Democrats have politically correctized themselves out of existence. You have to win the White House first before you can diversify society.

If they want to win in 2008 the first thing the have to do get the best guys they can to manage the campaign, guys with real experience winning national contests. Just because you're female doesn't mean you're so superior you can win against the Rove's of this world without experience, and without even the necessary years. Cutter looks to be about 26.


The Democrats might tip in 2008 the states Bush won in 2004 by a margin of up to 10%, and more aggressively, up to 15%. But Democratic margins look precarious, too.

Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado in the Southwest. Bush margins in those states were all within the 10% range. Iowa, Missouri, and Arkansas along the Mississippi (maybe Tennessee and Louisiana, too, with the proper approach). Florida in the South. Ohio and Virginia, by extending the Northeast blue downward (West Virginia and North Carolina might be tippable too).

But Democratic margins in some of their big state wins don't look so robust. Pennsylvania Kerry won by only 2.1%, Michigan 3.4%, Wisconsin 0.5%, Minnesota 3.5%. Nothing like Bush's big wins across the middle of the country in places like Nebraska, Wyoming, and Idaho with above 35% margin in each. Illinois Kerry won with 10.5% and California with 10.3% Those might look "in play" to somebody down the line.


'The enemies of intellectual liberty always try to present their case as a plea for discipline versus individualism.... [but] to write in plain, vigorous language one has to think fearlessly, and if one thinks fearlessly one cannot be politically orthodox.' George Orwell

'Political correctness is the natural continuum from the party line. What we are seeing once again is a self-appointed group of vigilantes imposing their views on others. It is a heritage of communism, but they don't seem to see this.' Doris Lessing

Monday, November 15, 2004

NIGHTMARE #2 AVOIDED: Condoleeza at State

We could have been in for Nightmare Number Two: Condoleeza Rice as our Secretary of Defense. Putting her at State is better.

She can do less damage there than she would have done at Defense--where she lacks any qualification for the job. A woman running the Defense Department? That's like a man being asked to give birth. Preposterous. Her motivation? Keep an eye on the boys, make sure they don't misbehave on her watch. Turn the Kings into Jacks and Jokers. Be the Queen of Spades.

How presumptuous of her to request transfer to the post when it's still occupied. This shows a lack of respect bordering on lunacy, and an appalling lack of sense.

The State Deparment has been more fully correctized and diversified even than the Army. They've been run by a Jewish woman and a black man. They're perfectly primed for a black woman running things.

This Hadley guy might be a rubber stamp but he'll be better than the dingy-sweatered school marm peering severely at the Prez to make sure he doesn't act up.

What a ridiculously painful creature she is all put together.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

"Black People Are Racist, Too"

Black people are racist, too
Black people hate Koreans
And even you
The Hutu hate the Tutsi
And killed most of them
Black people are racist, too.

Black people hate black people
Just ask them yourselves
They hate white people
And Jews
And just about everyone else
Black people are racist, too.

Black Americans hate
Black Africans
And black Africans
Return the favor
Blacks everywhere
Lighten their pigments
Hoping to escape their color
Black people are racist, too.

Three Kinds of Women

American woman does not comprise a homogenous, harmonious whole, rather she wears three different stripes.

Feminine woman wants what all feminine women have wanted throughout history, a husband, children, a family, and all the domestic-related things. Using the feminine wiles Mother Nature gifted her with, she powers her man from the home to do her bidding--the creation of the next generation, or quite simply "what it's all about". The wise among her ranks know that if she makes him king she will have her castle, that if she supports him emotionally, socially, and with sage advice when called upon, gives him a stable home with children to raise and support, he will outperform himself by a factor of five, which is ten times more than she would have wrested from the outside world. Feminine woman craves the joys of motherhood, and feminity, and friends, and family, and cannot imagine a future bereft of these things when she grows old and gray. Feminine woman wields the soft power and in this way wields all of the power that matters. If she works she should work from home, or she should work in feminine fields (flowers, animals, clothing, etc.), or she should have part-time or flexible work hours (such as real estate sales, for example) where she can tend to the home fires.

Masculine woman, through an accident of biology, has a touch more man in her, which shows in her features and her thinking and her skills. She is behind Feminism, telling all womankind how to be happy--but really only relaying what she thinks would make her happy, which are masculine ideals of self-reliance, wealth creation, making it in the world. Due to her biology she has no sexual or amorous interest in men, nor does she want to have and raise his children. Her pursuits and her outlook are masculine. She should be in the workplace as the home is not the great source of comfort and life to her that it is for her feminine counterpart.

Exceptional woman is neither overly feminine nor overly masculine, but is not usually found with super-model looks (though it does happen). Her skills are so clearly superior to everyone around her, male and female, that she naturally vaunts to the top in everything she does. Which is rightly so, as she has so much to contribute. But it must also be so, that she is thus exceptionally gifted, so as to override her biological imperative to make a home and support her man. While nobody should (or could or would) stand in her way, nobody should give her special treatment either. She does not need it, nor does she appreciate it. Best to let her rise up through the ranks like everyone else, learning how to work in a male culture, gaining the respect and support of men, and providing value all along the way.

Conservatives=Masculine & Liberals=Feminine

The masculine valence in America drives the conservative politic, while the feminine drives the liberal.

Masculine energy drives the Right, e.g., security around the perimeter, women at home raising the next generation, promotion through competence, creating wealth, the Devil take the hindmost, war, etc.

Feminine energy drives the Left, e.g., power through victimhood, compassion for the weak, soft edges to everything, anti-male policies, hysteria-based policy development, not fact-based, support me with your money, anti-war, health care for everyone, etc.

In this light, the 2004 vote was a male repudiation of the female in our body politic.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

'Man' Didn't Mean Male

As the Forces of Political Correctness spew gobbledygook at us, and correct us in public if we don't spew it ourselves, someone (a writer, of course) must point out that there was never an issue to begin with.

As with most policy pushes driven by female-hysteria, when you get right back to beginning of it all you find nothing.

'Man' used in such words as 'foreman', 'layman', 'freshman', 'congressman', it never specified one gender over another, it just meant the person in that role or position. Before the Forces of Political Correctness took over the dictionaries throughout the English-speaking world, the first definition of "man" was "member of the human race", the second specified a male member of that race.

In the rush to overcome the fabricated oppression of the past our beautiful language has been destroyed. Such abominations as "congresspeople" bomb our delicate ears. Often the offending 'man' has been dropped altogether as in the use of 'chair' to mean 'chairman'. The spot for the word 'chair' in the dictionary is already taken: it means the furniture we sit on.

Ignorant females, who think they know it all, or angry lesbians are not in the position to tell you what to do. They have no higher knowledge on your word-use, they occupy no position of higher authority. And they always get it wrong.

All the Women Cheered

All the women cheered when Scott Peterson was declared guilty, all the men wondered if they'll be lynched next.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Woman Must Blame the Man

The Blame Game Female Style involves getting the man to do the things Nature designed him for, such as those involving spatial skills, then blaming him when she gets it wrong.


In the rush to overcome the fabricated "oppression" of the past, our entire society is being re-engineered away from competency and toward "cultural diversity". Nothing is sacred, not even the National Security Council, which determines our fate and that of the World.

Where this collective policy of Rush to Mediocrity, puts incompetent people in positions of great importance--where life and death are in the balance--and the cultivated fears in our minds keep us from speaking out against it lest we be labelled sexists or racists or worse, someone must lodge a Diversity Challenge to dislodge the impostors.

Appointing a woman to be National Security Advisor is like assigning a man to run the neighborhood day care center, only the potential results are far worse. The National Security Advisor not only holds the lives of Americans in his hands and words, but also the fate of the World--in very real terms--because he has the ear of the President of the United States of America.

Mother Nature decreed it would be the man who would patrol the perimeter and ensure the security of the tribe. The woman, meanwhile, would be designed for, and thoroughly busy with other tasks of the domestic variety--childbearing and rearing being the most important of which, and the whole reason for the whole thing.

Can there be an exceptional woman who appears on the scene who is able (and willing) to dispatch the duties of this office with the highest of competencies? Absolutely. But she will have to rise through the system to prove her worth and to gain the necessary experience. To gain the respect of men, and to learn how to function in male culture. She would be a very exceptional woman indeed to overcome Nature's pull in the opposite direction.

Is Condoleeza Rice such a woman? Sadly no, not judging by her performance and her demeanor.

She doesn't read intelligence reports presented to her, claiming it's not her job to sort out differences between the intelligence sources. Actually that is precisely her job. She does not read footnotes on lengthy documents claiming that detailed knowledge is not her responsibility. Actually it is precisely her responsibility. She does not effectively moderate or modulate the counterbalancing forces of defense and diplomacy, the War Department and the State Department. Who would go through her anyway.

She makes public statements that endanger our security. She lies about her incompetency. Her "expertise"--all textbook--was the Soviet Union. She knew nothing about fighting terrorism. Now she advises the President on what he believes is the country's most important issue: terrorism. She's been assigned to oversee the Occupation of Iraq. It is the greatest failure and most incompetent mess ever witnessed in the history of our nation, perhaps by mankind ever. She hovers over the Commander in Chief like a school marm with an "I'm gonna make sure you act right" look plastered on her face, and "Mamma knows best" posture, arms akimbo, eye ever-alert to boyish misconduct on the part of her way-superior.

She is a national embarassment, and an international disaster.

The post of National Security Advisor is no place for us to try out social engineering. Lives, many lives, are at stake. As well as our position in the world, and our economic health. If she were a white man she would be out on her you-know-what. Instead they're asking her what post she prefers for the second term.

Please save us from our politically-correctized selves. Assign the best man to each position or we will soon be all done as a nation, much less the only viable "leaders of the Free World".

P.S. Someone "in the know" informs that Ms. Rice hates men. Is that what we need at the National Security Council?

Self-Proclaimed Protectors

The men who least have any power over women are always the ones--in direct inverse proportion--who proclaim their sex dominates the fairer. Where it is least true, where the men are most down in the order of things, they must maintain and push the illusion of power over women, when the reverse is most obviously true. "The persistence of this illusion is astonishing", but it is explained by the least powerful needing to console themselves with the fantasy of power, while being so out of touch with the real truth of things that their view cannot hope ever to be reconciled with reality.

Friday, November 05, 2004

The Democrats Have Killed Themselves Off

With abortion the Democrats have killed off voters, financial backers, and potentially great leaders. With political correctness they've killed off public education while installing incompetents in supervisory positions in every major organization--corporate, governmental, trade, etc.--upending the meritocracy that always served this nation so well.

The 2004 Election was a referendum on these failed policies.

DEMOCRATS 2008: Mississippi Strategy

Reclaiming the White House in 2008 for the Democrats might involve running a campaign designed to capture the states along the Mississippi River. The northern ones are blue already, Minneapolis, Wisconsin, Illinois. The ever-wobbly Iowa can be brought into line.

By an accident of geography, and the intentional urban development of man, numerous cities proliferate along both sides of the River. Democrats perdominate in cities, so these register as blue counties on the map. But, because the Old Man also makes a most perfect and natural border for these states, this Democratic vote gets split. Now for a lateral combination.

Missouri is already crucial to any presidential campaign. The Southern states could certainly be in play, as Arkansas and Tennessee were considered this time. Kentucky and Mississippi might be bridges too far for now, but there are those who say Louisiana is winnable.

St. Louis is the population center of the United States, the Mississippi is the great dividing line of our geography, the regional and imaginary fulcrum for our national ambitions. A ticket that could solidify this central strip of America, holding on to traditional Democratic strongholds elsewhere, could legitimately claim national support. Perhaps it's no mystery why the last Democrat to occupy the White House came out of Arkansas.

With victory the Party make take a logical step that would put Missouri in their column well into the future--moving the functional U.S. Capital to St. Louis (leaving the ceremonial one on the Potomac).

The only Democrats elected to the highest office in the Land since the tumultuous Sixties have been from the South, and the one before that was from Missouri. It's absolutely crucial to "get" this region culturally, and appeal to it politically. So nominate a presidential candidate from one of those Southern states along Old Man River, and a vice-presidential candidate from the center or northern part of this strip of states and watch the political force necessary for victory muster behind you.

DEMOCRATS 2008: Southwest Strategy

A strategic option for Democrats next time in their quest to retake the White House might involve running a campaign geared toward grabbing New Mexico, Colorado, and Florida--an Hispanically-oriented campaign, in other words. If done right Arizona might also be pulled across the aisle.

Governor Richardson of New Mexico might be the key man of this approach, but right now he seems content to stay in the governor's mansion.

DEMOCRATS 2008: Appalachian Strategy

The 2008 Democrats seeking to retake the White House might focus on extending their northeastern blue streak downward to three neighboring states, with a possible fourth, along the Appalachian Mountains.

Virginia, and possibly North Carolina, West Virginia, and Ohio.

If they nominated Mark Warner, Democratic Governor of Virginia, this time as V.P., instead of Senator Edwards, they would have taken Virginia, and maybe North Carolina, with W. Virginia likely. That would have won it for them.

Running two Senators, one of whom couldn't even win his home state, was a fatal error. Americans don't elect Senators to the White House, much less two of them on the same ticket. They prefer executive talent from governors mansions, like W. himself.

In the 'real' South, Edwards plays a bit too smart and smooth. Smart works down there when mixed with some 'Bubba'. He can be super-smart as long as you can imagine going hunting with him, or having a shot of bourbon with him in your favorite watering hole. Examples: LBJ and Billy Boy Clinton. Even Jimmy was country enough--though genius-level smart.

Edwards was just a bit tooo pretty and perfect for Southern taste. Gore a touch too arrogant.

Mark Warner plays like Clinton. Tall, young, charismatic, and a self-made man. He might be the guy to grab a couple of these states--which is what it all comes down to, grabbing red states. Aim for four new ones, while keeping your old, and you come up roses.

How about Senator Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia? His appointment to the Intelligence Committee might keep him off the national campaign trail for a while, and who knows that he doesn't prefer the clubby Senate to the punch-drunk Oval Office.

Grab Ohio and you connect the Northeast blue streak with the Midwest blue smear (forget Indiana for now), creating a truly national party.

The Smartest Thing He Did . .

. . was his move against "partial-birth abortions" (really the barbaric murder of a fully-formed child), and his stance against "gay marriage" (as if there could be or should be any such thing). This got the "hidden evangelicals" out in force and won the election for him. Iraq and the economy, as issues, cancelled each other out. His ability to reshape the country with Supreme Court appointments ruled at the box.