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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Response to My Gallup Query

"Presently only about 3 percent of the population uses a cell phone exclusively. In fact, this group does tend to be younger. We compensate for any differences this produces (as well as other omissions like those that might occur due to things like caller ID) by weighting our samples to national population totals for race, age, education, region, and gender. In fact, it may not be surprising that we get better participation in our polls from people with higher levels of education who in turn are more likely to embrace technology. A number of studies have been conducted about the impact of nonresponse, and they tend to find minimal differences, between surveys with very high response rates and those with lower ones. One of the more famous ones was published in Public Opinion Quarterly in the Summer of 2000. Another way to measure the accuracy of polls is to look at how well they match up to election totals (though election polls face additional challenges, such as how to consider undecided voters). In the 2002 congressional elections, Gallup's national estimates came within 1% each of the actual votes for Republicans, Democrats, and "Others".

Thank you,

"Horses Before Carts"

Adherents to Liberalism know
In their deepest Heart of Hearts
Their thinking's just for show
They've got horses before carts.

August 21, 2004

"Clear Thinking"

What you call Conservatism
I call Clear Thinking
What you call Liberalism
I call the Free World sinking.

August 20, 2004

"A Morning Stroll"

C-lips and T-breath
Went out for a morning stroll
Everywhere they blocked my path
Like a Feminist patrol.

August 20, 2004

Thursday, August 19, 2004

It's Like He's Running for High School Class President

It's like John Kerry is running for high school class president, not leader of the Free World.

It's Like Talking to a Committee

Listening to John Kerry, and all of his positions, is like talking to a

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Is John Kerry on medication?

Somebody in D.C. told me it's an open secret he's on Prozac. Scary?

"October Surprise"

Maybe the "October Surprise" is rolling out slowly with all of the reported "successes" in the War on Terror, perhaps culminating in the "capture" of Bin Laden.

What about the cell phones?

John Kerry says the polls are wacky this year, and he didn't get a "bounce" out of the Democratic convention.

The rate of shift from "land lines" coming into the home to cell phones has accelerated rapidly over the past four years, correct? Are the pollsters accounting for this?

My guess is "no", and that may be where Kerry's Bounce went. Republican wives are at home answering the phone; active, aware, hip Democrats are on the cell phone.

Or maybe just seeing all those scary liberals on one platform scared the hell out of America.

Texas Superpower

Texas now runs the world, what with all of the petroleum-related projects being opened up everywhere, e.g., Libya, Iraq, Alaska, Russia, Equatorial New Guinea, Indonesia, etc.