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"free voice, free mind"

Friday, July 23, 2004

How Many Americans

How many Americans are . . .

1) awake and aware of what is happening in the world and around them?

2) actively observing what is happening?

3) able to interpret what is happening in an historical context, thereby
predicting where things could go?

4) expressing their interpretations and concerns?

5) doing something about it?

Not enough, and certainly fewer than in Western European countries.

We need people in each category to keep the light alive, to give us some
hope of surviving our own baser Nature.

Otherwise we continue to become Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia at the same

If current trends continue, I give this country 20 years before it
essentially dries up and blows away.

American Woman


How many . . .

--have had abortions?

--use birth control pills?

--are on medication?

--are Feminist?

--drink alcoholically?

--use drugs?

Each one is a stopper.


Marxism: the desire to steal what you have, and kill you if you resist.

"You Must Abandon All Civility"

From each according to Ability
To each according to Need
You must abandon all Civility
To make the People heed.

July 21, 2004


If he makes no money, he's a zero, of no value to you.

If he makes too much, he's your oppressor?

A Free Mind

A free mind is a healthy mind.

I Object to the Terms

From the Romans we got "abortion", but from their Church we learn this means "murder".

From the Romans we got "fetus", which meant "offspring" (or new life?).

And your "medical procedure" is a cold slaying (say no more).

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

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