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The Greek Myths by Robert Graves retrieved ancient Greek mythology from the dustbin of children's stories and restored them to their rightful place as the guiding light of most or all of Western literature that matters. Author of the I, Claudius historical series and The White Goddess, where he explores "the psychological and mythological sources of poetry", Mr. Graves personally believed that that's where it all went wrong, when we went rational starting with Socrates. Better to stay in the pre-rational, the pre-Classical, if you want to be a pure artist or writer; or if you simply want a vibrant understanding of your existence. His writing is so poetic in The Greek Myths that at least one writer has made a poem of his description of the lives of Dionysus, Orpheus, and Orion, The Madness of Heracles (not to mention a couple of his other discussions on myth).

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