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"No book has been more pored over, has been the subject of more commentary and controversy, or had more influence not only on our religious beliefs but also on our culture and language than the Bible. And certainly no book has been as widely read."
from Whose Bible Is It?

The most popular book of all time, and certainly one of the most controversial. Who Wrote the Bible? Why so many contradictions? What connection does it have with the alien phenomenon? What is the The Other Bible?

So much of everyday life comes from the Bible quotes, place names, our own names, quotations, ethics, and ideas. With so many great stories, told and retold, not to mention what have been termed the "greatest group of poems in the world"-- the Psalms, it makes some of the finest, and most important literature ever written.

So important a work it merits a thorough review followed by an in-depth study considering its origins, the historical perspective, its literary quality, and the political football that's been made of it.

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