Magic Star


Lajos Egri

Does the dialogue . .
  • grow from the character and the conflict, and, in turn, reveal the character and carry the action?
  • derive from characters permitted to grow dialectically until the slowly rising conflict has proved the premise?
  • show naturally and without strain, what has happened to the characters that is important to the action of the play?
  • build up as the story builds up?
  • convey the rhythm and meaning of each scene by sound as well as sense?
  • reveal character by telling what he is and hinting at what he will be?
  • reveal background and foreshadow upcoming events?
  • save words?
  • sacrifice "brilliance" for character?
  • make clever language part of the play?
  • stem from the character and not the author?
  • let the character speak in the language of his own world?
  • not break away from character and divert attention to itself?
  • avoid pedantry?

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