Proposed Amendment to the U.S. Constitution



Our Constitution has guided the United States of America through considerable social upheaval, economic strife, and military conflict to the pinnacle of the world's nations. But, the country has undergone dimensional social, political and geopolitical, economic, military, and technological changes over the past two plus centuries that strain the revolutionary governmental system designed for wholly different times and conditions. Deficiencies grow increasingly apparent in political representation, empowerment, and accountability, as well as in the attraction of the most able statesmen to political service. Proposed governmental reforms, such as a balanced budget amendment and term limits for elected officials aim to redress these shortcomings, but deal only with the symptoms of the problem. To fix the underlying causes we might well heed the entreaties of the Founding Fathers to keep pace with changing conditions by updating the fundamental functioning of the Federal executive and legislative branches and the related electoral processes.
© 2002 by Michael J. Farrand
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